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Tobogganing Fun for the entire Family

Ready, set, go!

There is no fun in winter quite like tobogganing: dart down the tobogganing trails of the Arlberg region with your loved ones. Natural tobogganing runs, toboggan rental service and much more. At the Hotel Gridlon nothing will stop you from this hilarious fun.

Nature Tobogganing Run Pettneu

Hotel Gridlon - Tobogganing Fun

Nature Tobogganing Run Pettneu

The wind is howling in your ears; your belly is full of excited butterflies; snow is spraying from the blades of your toboggan: experience the unique fun and adventure of tobogganing. You will find a 2-kilometre-long illuminated natural tobogganing run in the picturesque village of Pettneu, where the Hotel Gridlon is located. Tobogganing in the evening below the sparkling stars of the night sky is great fun. The cable car is available between 8pm and 9pm. Please phone for further information on the cable car: tel +43-5442-8224.

Nature Tobogganing Run St. Anton

TVB STANTON - Hotel Gridlon - Rodeln

Natural tobogganing run in St. Anton

At the St. Anton skiing resort, only a few kilometres away from your Hotel Gridlon, an additional natural tobogganing run can be found. This natural tobogganing run, illuminated at night, leads from the Gampen high plateau down to Nasserein. Every day ascent is possible between noon and half past four in the afternoon. On your way down, pass the rustic Rodelhütte (“Tobogganing Chalet”). The 4 kilometre ride takes about 15 minutes and covers 500 metres of altitude. In the right weather conditions the cable car of the Nassereinbahn is available between 19:30 and 21:30 everyday. Experience traditional Austrian “Hüttengaudi” (roughly translated: hut jamboree) at the Gampen Restaurant every Tuesday and Thursday, before enjoying the highlight of the evening – the tobogganing run into the valley.

Information and Tipps

Toboggan rental service
You will find a toboggan rental service at all sports outfitters.
If you want to experience a tobogganing adventure as a group it is best to borrow your toboggans at the valley station of the Nassereinbahn cable car. Return the toboggan after your ride at Robi's Rodelstall in St. Anton.

Additional Runs:
In the surrounding area there are 3 more runs:
Flirsch (1,5 km long)
Strengen (1,2 km) and
Schnann (400 metres)

Tobogganing in St. Anton / Arlberg

Tobogganing in St. Anton / Arlberg ( http://www.stantonamarlberg.com) Tobogganing in St. Anton amArlberg.


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