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Renovation. Extension. Relaunch.

We remain however focused on the basics that make a stay at the Gridlon so incomparable: a warm welcome, a convivial atmosphere and a sensitive hospitality. We pride us on having interweaved these characteristics and we are happy to announce that, from December 2017, the Gridlon offers a pleasant mix of modernity and cherished traditions.

Well-known: prime location, spacious facilities, including an extensive garden, and first-class service to please discerning guests.

New: history ostensibly brought to life. Come and discover the new Gridlon, refurbished in a contemporary interpretation, remaining, however, deeply rooted in the traditions. Immerse yourself in the delightful spa area, including two pools, private spa, exquisite teas and indulgent rituals. Enjoy the generous space for undisturbed relaxation, swim at candlelight, unwind and explore the marvellous surroundings with all senses. Let the Gridlon inspire you.

• Reopening of the “arl.bergSpa”
Our new spa area with its delightful rituals and its two pools has been designed to relax and restore the inner balance. Enjoy the pleasant effects of the water taking a refreshing swim at candlelight with background music, either outside or inside. Unwind and let us pamper you with revitalising scrubs and indulgent creams. Taste fresh delicious smoothies with a high nutritional value. Indulge yourself with inspirational experiences. Enjoy romantic moments with your loved one in our private spa.
Benefit from the generous facilities to calm down and regain inner balance. Listen to the silence gently accompanied by the homely crackle of the open fire.

• “genuss.Reich” Restaurant
Discover our culinary creations according to your taste. We serve delicious fish, poultry and meat dishes, vegetarian and vegan meals and special food to suit dietary requirements. In the evening we prepare light menus and in the morning the delicious Gridlon breakfast will set you up for the day. You can choose from local and international dishes, including specialities and well-known classic and traditional recipes.

• “lechtla.Stube” and “köpfle.Stube” Rooms
The atmosphere of these rooms reflect our deep commitment to the traditions and history, to our roots and to everything that has forged our identity.

• “erste.liebeBar” Lounge
Our bar is a meeting point with a convivial atmosphere to get together, share experiences, get acquainted with each other and make friends sipping a pint or two.

• “gridlon.Theater”
Enjoy the natural surroundings and the views of the mountains: awesome, breathtaking, inspirational.


Renovation. Extension. Relaunch. - we are looking forward welcoming you!

Delicacies at the Hotel Gridlon

Delicacies at the Hotel Gridlon

Culinary Delights

Delicacies at the Hotel Gridlon

If a menu not only touches your insides, then it is a culinary delight on the hightest-possible level...


Romantic Rooms

Romantic Rooms

For every guest the perfect room

Romantic Rooms

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